If you are after a contract position through SCC, please go to our CV Submission page and register your interest with us, but if you are after an opportunity to develop a career within the SCC family, please read on....

SCC has permanent places for a variety of roles, within the SCC office and within the SCC consulting pool. We offer graduate recruitment opportunities, but we are looking only for the very top of the class.

Most of our office team have experience working in the public or financial services sectors and bring recent knowledge on Government procurement practices and processes. Our team leaders have fantastic people-skills and instill a culture of "service" within their teams.

SCC's Consulting Pool consists of a diverse group of Professionals, including:

  • Senior Project/Program managers
  • Business & Functional Analysts
  • Programmers and Developers
  • Database and BASIS administrators
  • Project support

Our preferred means of recruiting into the SCC family is by personal recommendation, however we have been known to advertise more widely when required, including on our own Job Search pages.

However, if you'd like to learn more about the opportunities for a career within SCC, don't hesitate to contact the SCC office by phone or email.

SCC is part of FinXL Professional Services Pty Ltd and forms part of the Finite Group. For a wide range of technology-based career opportunities, please click the following links: